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UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) has revealed more exterior and interior photos of the Veloz, which is the upmarket sibling of the all-new Perodua Alza, which was launched here recently, as well as the latest Avanza, which this replaces.

Order taking for the upcoming Toyota seven-seat MPV has already begun as of June 24, 2022, although the company still isn’t revealing pricing just yet – the sole 1.5 AT variant is estimated to retail at RM95,000 on-the-road without insurance, inclusive of sales tax.

Like the Alza and Avanza, the Veloz should be powered by a 2NR-VE 1.5 litre naturally-aspirated four-cylinder petrol engine, with drive going to the front wheels via a D-CVT. We don’t have exact outputs just yet, but in the Alza, the mill serves up 106 PS (105 hp) at 6,000 rpm and 138 Nm of torque at 4,200 rpm.

The car you see in these photos is finished in Blue Metallic with a black roof, which is one of two bi-tone options, with the other being Silver Metallic that is also paired with a black roof. Alternatively, there are three monotone hues available, namely Red Metallic, Metallic Bluish Black (cute name) and solid White.

Styling cues unique to the Veloz include a large hexagonal-shaped grille (with a Y-patterned mesh) that is flanked by T-shaped chrome accents for the prominent LED fog lamp surrounds. The angular headlamps with sequential indicators are also bridged by a long chrome strip that runs all the way under the clamshell bonnet.

The keen-eyed among you will also notice that the area around the wheel arches protrudes slightly rather than being recessed as they are on the Alza and Avanza. More differences are found in the rear, as the Veloz’s taillight clusters, which are similar in the shape to its siblings, are linked by a trim piece bearing a red stripe.

Additionally, a Veloz script is seen just above the number plate recess, the corner sections for the reflectors are smaller in size compared to the Alza, and there’s a rugged-looking faux skid plate in the lower apron. Finishing touches include skirting in black on the front and sides, along with wheels that appear to be similar in design to the 17-inch units (the Alza maxes out at 16s) fitted to the higher-end variants of the Veloz in Indonesia and Thailand.

Inside, you’ll find a dashboard layout not unlike the Alza’s, although the Veloz’s air vents are styled differently. The ones in the centre are a touch narrower and trapezoidal in shape to accommodate the nine-inch Display Audio infotainment system, which has a wider aspect ratio touchscreen and impressively supports wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity – the Alza can only do wired AA on the top-spec AV.

The controls for the single-zone automatic air-conditioning system are also model-specific with circular dials, as opposed to button-style controls found in the Avanza and Alza – the Perodua gets memory functions too.

Elsewhere, the trim on the dashboard and door panels are in a shade of light grey instead of black, while the centre console has an open storage area that an integrated Qi wireless charger (the Alza doesn’t get this). This is just ahead of switches for the electronic parking brake and auto brake hold (only the Alza AV gets both), as well as the gear lever – the latter getting its own surrounding trim design.

Features that are shared with the Alza include the multi-function steering wheel (albeit with the Toyota logo), seven-inch TFT digital instrument panel, two USB charge ports for rear passengers and boot space (137 litres with all seats up, 498 litres with the third row folded down).

Safety-wise, the Veloz gets the Toyota Safety Sense suite of driver assists as standard, with mentioned features being Pre-Collision System (PCS), otherwise known as autonomous emergency braking, and Adaptive Cruise Control.

Given its projected price tag, which is RM19,500 more than a top-spec Alza (RM75,500), we should expect things like lane centring assist, lane keeping assist, blind spot monitoring, front departure alert, pedal misapplication control and six airbags too also be included as standard.

On the mention of prices, should you want the Veloz with a two-tone finish, it’ll cost you an extra RM1,300, and if you want a rear digital video recorder (dashcam) that is from the Tech-Up accessories catalogue, it’s an additional RM350. Each purchase comes with a five-year, unlimited-mileage warranty.

We’ll only get a complete spec sheet when the Veloz is officially launched here, which we’re expecting will take place soon. Given what’s been presented so far, are you looking forward to the Toyota seven-seat MPV?

GALLERY: 2022 Toyota Veloz (Indonesia market)

GALLERY: 2022 Toyota Veloz (Thailand market)

If there is a Toyota Veloz GR, It’d be like Elsa, equipped with Good Sport Tyre Toyo Proxes series + lower CG stability and Fun.

If so pun intended, compared OD for rim modi, The current Elsa Tyre size fits @ 195/60R16 is ~0.8% to 1.2% larger OD than the C segment Sedan. So.. like a Veloz Cross, Elsa Cross.

Better buy Proton Ertiga. Fully celup rebadge, not even change the name too ! LoL!! ;-)

Alza/Veloz just the weight of Honda City U get 3 rows of seats, U get bigger body U can already know how “thick” the steel

But Honda City driving feels like Tin Kosong compared to DNGA. The jazz also looks like a tin.

The weight saving from the DNGA – not just strengthened steel @ needed area for handling, but also 5 star crash test, + Aluminium Block Engine + ultra light weight Racing Tech D-CVT.

Sorry Toyota Daihatsu fans No wonder Honda is #1 still

ASEAN NCAP Scoring CITY vs VIOS vs ALZA(dnga)

Yo honda fanboy, this isn’t right comparison to compare.

Just stating facts All by ASEAN NCAP Same 64km/h 40% frontal/side

Honda City not yet tested for 2020 Asean More stringent Protocol. Even so, the marks are lebih kurang.

After 64km/h, both 5 star crash test, and total loss, No need repair already.

But the City handling and pickup fun is outdated. Need high rpm noisy kick in…

People start to think a crap is a good car by giving all the rubbish to it. Accidents happened due to driving attitude, even car like Tesla also get involved in fatal accident. Just like a light car, if you give it the best brake disc and pad, what will happen under emergency hard brake? Malaysia sprint runner that equipment the best attire with least wind resistance but Usain Bolt can still win easily with just normal attire.

DNGA Vios will be lighter than City, Lighter but stiffer too.

City is nice but already outdated. DNGA/TNGA cars, is a good basis for Toyota to make for Racing cars, FIA certification etc.

The modern alumnium block engine is even lighter weight, advanced Dual vvti aluminum engine – love 0W-20 full synthetic thin Engine Oil for efficiency. D-CVT also even better, even lighter but more responsive, with Power mode, Shiftronic Selection too.

It’s lighter, stiffer, better, and resulted in more fun + solid and more responsive handling. A race car cannot go heavy, but still meet safety compliance.

Elsa, veloz not for racing, but it’s made to give confidence and driving ease, better fuel consumption. 5+2 bed Lounge is joyfull.

Honda fan boy, how thick is your face ? Everyday mention about Honda is the best ?

This is a rebadged Alza. Buy full spec alza better than this. Quality and looks same as well. I cannot brain if anyone buys this instead of alza

But in the end, Alza is just a localized Daihatsu Xenia. So doesn’t matter really.

Perodua Kelisa Kembara still robust after 20 years.

Proton doesnt share the same as Perodua reputation, so it’s not comparable. Perodua Aruz has proven a good sales over Toyota Rush.

both Rush and Aruz – also value for money. 1.5RWD. take away the 2 seat for use as a 5 seater and modi offroad, 0-100 faster than Suzuki Jimny.

This Veloz is the highest spec than Alza specs. Veloz have bigger space with ambient lighting and additional features than Alza. And quality is also more different than Perodua

I find it hard to believe that both car assembled from the same plant with probably almost 90% of the component is the same have better quality than the other. Few of the obvious difference that you can see between Alza AV and Veloz here is just the tech offering. I mean, come on, are you saying that Velos has different frame quality than Alza? or does it have a different door quality? different hood quality? That’s already 70% of the car so what is the “quality” differences that you’re saying here?

Perodua is the cost cutting king. Why should they share their secrets with you? Ride and handling mostly sucks on highway.

Like I said, the frame and door.. basically the structure of the car makes 70% of the whole car. If it’s true that P2 cost cut on these, the ANCAP rating for Alza should be lower isn’t it? By the way, you’re saying “Perodua” and not specifically the sisters (Veloz/Alza/Xenia). Does that mean you’re actually trying to say Perodua cars in general whereas the comment by “YG” above is not?

I think ur head is not quality la

lol it should be the other way around the alza is a rebadge version of this. the toyota veloz had already launch in indonesia since last year. get your facts right

If you’re in this segment looking for value for money, go the rebadged Daihatsu. Want to flex a bit and get more premium features? go the Toyota version. Got more money? buy whatever you want.

If you can’t brain… stick to how much loan you can get lol. Either way, well done to Daihatsu and TMC..

dont buy car to maximum loan, you gonna get broke. semua barang 2nd hand jatuh harga.

after 2 years but keeping paying the same old car – you already get bored. but lucky Veloz Elsa is functional, comfortable and berbaloi.

top up new car little choice can match the joy of less burden. padahal mau ACC self driving sahaja.

Wrong, the Alza is a rebadge Avanza

If you did not study well, don’t comment like this, you embarrass yourself

Why can’t brain? Quality should be different even install in the same plant since toyota will be doing the QC. Compare 30k vs 5k booking. Which car do you think will have better QC and not half a** QC just to meet the demand by end of march 2022. Later complain sana sini bunyik cengkerik. For your information veloz Thailand sold for RM113k and they don’t even have ACC. And 20k differences is justified with not having that eco idle.

Use your brain la. The production line itself is the same. If like that aa how can the said toyota wont be affected as well with the volume?

And you will get better space and more features that Alza don’t have

For those who need higher ground clearance, this is your pick. The deal is even sweeter if you’re using an iPhone. Wireless Carplay and charging ftw.

It is Rm20k more than Alza AV. But if you can look at it this way… If you own the car for 5 years, the resale value of Veloz at that point would be around RM10k more than Alza, can I say that?

So really, it “cost” you RM10k more to own it. and for that RM10k, you get:

1. Toyota Brand and its better after sales. 2. 17″ wheels 3. wireless Charger 4. Apple car play 5. Vehicle Telematic System 6. Roof Rail 7. 5 year Unlimited Mileage warranty 8. DRL 9. Higher and more comfy suspension 10. Potentially get your car earlier 11. or you just like the look and Blue colour…

Is your choice whether the above is worth the extra. For me, is not uncommon for people to pay extra just to get a car faster…

Sir,u might have a point. The chances of getting a car the next few days upon booking are high.Instead of sleeping 364 nights and wondering whether the scaled down Avanza from P2 might arrive the next morning. However,it all depends.Lets see P2’s sales reports 3 months down the road compared with UMW regarding the ‘scaled down Avanza Vs the “ori” Avanza.

Veloz 1.5L is better than HR-V 1.5L

HR-V 2nd hand value goes below Proton X50. Ppl rather buy new instead of used @ this price.

Toyota Veloz is nice Perodua Elsa also nice Elsa is more young and sporty with its localized tuning. Veloz get the hi ride but also spongier suspension.

But compared to HR-V 1,5L, u also get RM 20,000 cash back to pump petrol. More expensive barang built in too. + Flat Bed Mode. Flat Bed mode can sleep anywhere… rest anywhere for wellness and getaway lifestyle.

Well said. For me, indeed it is worth the 20 grand extra. The hideous red interior in the new Alza really turns me away from that model. Veloz’s blue colour with ambient lighting is a perfect combination for me. Best new car under 100k!

12. leatherette upholstery 13. nicer taillights 14. better sound proofing 15. acoustic windscreen (maybe) 16. tilt and telescopic steering wheel (very important) 17. ambient lighting 18. nicer aircond control panel 19. Knee airbag (I hope)

Nice list extension. The climate control aircond panel does look much better than Alza. And wonder the back seat TV shown in brochure is inclusive. If only toyota would use its own steering design rather than share it with Alza, it would go a long way to make people feel they are indeed buying a different car.

At close to 100 grand on the road…just buy base Alza..u can upgrade kaokao..Or spare cash can get used axia.This is like Aruz n Rush.

Yes you are right, tell those Alphard Vellfire owner, can trade in and get 3-4 new Alza, drive different colour each day

Not that simple. You can’t mod missing ASA features like RCTA and ACC.

Self changing rear drums to rear discs will likely void any warranty or insurance claims related to braking issues too since there’s no way to proof or guarantee that they are done correctly.

If you say you don’t need them, then you are not the target group for that car in the first place. The base is already targeted at you.

Sure… and paying less to get a crippled ASA. P2 calling their active safety ASA but its an ASAless ASA.

(Like) Toyota Veloz rm95k. (Dislike) Perodua Alza RM62K

Alza has a nicer front grills, bumber and head lamps. But its center console in piano black is a let down. I like the practicality of having lock button between the 2 front seats.

Better than HRV, though different class. Boot space is larger, BSM, RCTA, surround view cam, 6 airbags, durable and stylish

HR-V is a City 1.5L cross with small boot, compact. Veloz is the new DNGA Vios but a 7 seater cross But many ppl buying Veloz as 5 seater Cross, extra 2 seat for bed Lounge mode. Veloz more hi tech than HR-V 1.5L with the expensive advanced safety features you mentioned.

Ambik Alza je la senang..

Bulanan & Tahunan saving, RM200-RM2500 with Interest, Pergi Mecca, Nippon, Paris

Reality time. Dead ugly. Would never want to be in or near this car

Wohoooo what we’ve got here. A Car Guy Enthusiastic.

And this guy has a brain tumor

Noobs say ‘Just take Alza instead’

Noob is poorfag of course

Elsa – classic Oddysey JDM 4 swing door style Veloz – Outlander style

Ah yes, Alza more like Elsa to me

95k for a 1.5liter mpv

the company is truly shameless.

RM 93,200.00 car price can get Proton X50 1.5T Premium (2022)

1.5L |Dual-clutch Automatic (Wet) |148 [email protected] 5,500 rpm|[email protected] 1,500 rpm

Con is only carry two people less.

Perfect for those wanting that little bit morethat the Alza can’t give. Buyers are very spoilt for choice now…

But ultimately, it’s all in the wallet.

Don’t forget, Perodua have higher interest rates for loans so must take that into account when deciding…

Perodua – look nice from outside. inside feel like naik cheap car, bunyik cengkerik sana sini. Stupid eco idle some more. Toyota – look nice from outside. inside feel much more premium. Better driving quality.

It is like you la never test or own this unit yet already feel stupid, banyak bunyik, got idiot brain some more

Why lah perodua dun have rebadge vios? rm60k i buy.

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