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2022-07-16 00:47:24 By : Mr. Edgar Zhou

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Zero Motorcycles wants to help you get to work in style.

The electric motorcycle specialists are giving their supermoto-style commuter model, the FXE, a makeover for 2023. The bike, which debuted last year in a sporty silver livery, now comes in a gloss black finish and looks so much chicer.

A color change may not seem like a big deal, but it completely changes the FXE’s character. Zero’s commuter still looks athletic, but done up almost entirely in gloss black—there are red accents and some bare metal visible—it looks more sophisticated than we could have ever imagined. If you want to look cool while you make your way across town, this is the two-wheeler for you.

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As slick as the FXE may look, what will really hold your interest is what it can do. The battery-powered commuter is equipped with the same all-electric powertrain as last year’s model. That’s a good thing, though, because its air-cooled, brushless motor, which is connected to a clutchless direct-drive transmission, generates 46 horses and 78 ft lbs of twist. That’s a lot of pep, especially when you consider that the bike tips the scales at just 298 pounds. Hitting the bike’s top speed of 85 mph should be a breeze.

The motorcycle’s drive unit is powered by a 7.2 kWh Z-Force Li-ion intelligent battery pack that’s good for 100 miles of city street riding. On the highway, where you might actually come close to the bike’s top speed, the range is closer to 60 miles. Regardless, that’s a more than respectable figure. The combined city-highway range of 75 miles should get most of us to work and back. It takes 9.2 hours to charge the bike via the 110V or 220V outlets in your home.

Other noteworthy features include front and rear Showa suspension, Bosch Gen 9 ABS brakes and Pirelli Diablo Ross II tires. The sport-style handlebars also come equipped with a touchscreen TFT display that runs on Zero’s Cypher II operating system.

The 2023 FXE is available to buy now though one of Zero’s authorized retailers. The bike starts at $12,995. You can visit the company’s website now to find the dealer closest to you.

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